How do you schedule without a schedule?

As REBarCamp is designed to start without an agenda, the question becomes “how do you schedule something if you don’t know what’s going to take place?” As the attendees are the leaders and creators of the sessions, the morning of REBarCamp San Antonio 3  is where the schedule will be determined. Consider it a fun version of organized chaos. As you submit your ideas for sessions (you can even submit an idea that you’d like to hear about, no necessarily lead), a moderator will begin working the crowd to find out who’s interested in the proposed session. With enough interest, the session goes up on the board and the schedule is created.

It may seem a little crazy to not pre-plan something on this level, but that’s part of the spirit and fun of REBarCamps. The goal is to create a day that you will enjoy, learn from, and take part in.

Want to lead a session?

Being a session leader is no harder than raising your hand and saying “I have an idea.” Think of yourself as a moderator with some expertise on the topic. People are going to ask questions and get involved. You won’t be up there for an hour talking by yourself. The atmosphere we want to foster is one of creativity and sharing learning experience. Check the egos at the door and think of this as a large scale coffee meetup with your favorite agents. The idea is not to be right or wrong; it’s to foster growth and new ideas, to learn some new tricks of the trade, and most of all to have some fun.

Whatever you do, don’t do it.

Inevitably, someone will see REBarCamp San Antonio as an opportunity to pitch their product or service. We have a simple rule about that: don’t do it. Even our sponsors are encouraged to not push the sale during the event. If you’ve got a great new service or product, feel free to sponsor the event and bring some materials to the vendor area, but absolutely no selling within sessions. We will encourage all attendees to call you out during a session and use the Law of Two Feet.

Have an idea that won’t go away?

Although sessions are determined the morning of, we thought we’d try something a little different for REBarCamp San Antonio. In order to gauge what’s on your mind, we thought we’d add a suggestion box. Have an idea for a session, something you really want to know more about? Send us your thoughts below. We can’t promise there will be a session for it, but if we keep hearing the same words over and over, we’ll know that there’s a strong need and try to push someone to lead a session on that topic. Although this is a slight move from tradition, we think it will be a great way to see what’s on your minds and make sure we provide an amazing event for you.

photo courtesy of PhoenixREguy and REbarcamp Phoenix

What happens when agents gather to learn from each other in a thought provoking, comfortable setting - where everyone is encouraged to share their best? REBarCamp San Antonio happens.